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Did you know that glitter is banned in the EU?

The new rules prohibit not only makeup products, but also many other products containing sequins. This initiative aims to counter the negative effects of microplastics on the environment and human health. Make-up, lip and nail products will gradually be subjected to new rules; Slags present in rinsed products will be available until 16 December. October 2027 16, and in products that are not left until 16. October 2029 year. 2030. Microparticles of synthetic polymers used to encapsulate fragrances will be banned. As of 2031. In other news, The Hague-based International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in 2007 will apply to granules that fill synthetic surfaces in sports facilities. Finally, in 2035. In 2009, the ban will be extended to include lipsticks, nail polishes and make-up products.

This decision is part of the European Union’s strategy to combat pollution and the ecological transition. The European Commission explains that the new rules aim to prevent the release of around half a million tonnes of microplastics into the environment. Although gloss makes up a relatively small part of the total pollution, eliminating it is of paramount importance. Virginijus Sinkevicius, commissioner for environment, oceans and fisheries, said the ban on the deliberate addition of microplastics was a response to serious concerns about the environment and human health. Sinkevicius points out that these materials are already present in nature, as well as in food and drinking water.

The ban does not apply to sequins made from biodegradable, organic or water-soluble materials.
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Webinar Izvještavanje o održivosti

Webinar Are you ready to report on sustainability?

In the last decade, ESG regulations have increased by 155% globally!

Since 2011. In 2015, 1,255 ESG regulations were introduced worldwide. Companies around the world struggle with complexity and mass of regulations and are often confused about how to set and track their indicators and sustainability goals.


For this reason, Interzero has decided to prepare for you a simple, easy-to-use solution that is very professionally and thoroughly managed by our experts in the background, thus supporting your real needs.

In the webinar you will find out:

  • What is “sustainability reporting” and what are the main relevant standards?
  • When and for whom does it become mandatory?
  • What does Environmental Sustainability Dashboard (ESD) mean and how can it benefit your company?
  • What is the process of collecting data, analyzing and reporting on environmental KPIs?
  • How can we help you improve your organization’s sustainability initiatives, set goals, track progress, and ultimately improve your overall strategy?

Kompanije OMV i Interzero grade najveće postrojenje za sortiranje plastičnog otpada za hemijsku reciklažu u Evropi

OMV and Interzero are building the largest plastic waste sorting facility for chemical recycling in Europe

The total investment is worth more than EUR 170 million and will create more than 120 new jobs.

Peter Hauk, Minister for Food, Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection baden-Württemberg, welcomed the start of construction, saying: “The establishment of the most modern and largest post-sorting plant for packaging waste in all of Europe in Valdurno strengthens the site and at the same time is a strong commitment to confirm Baden-Württemberg as a business and innovative center. The factory is an important building block on the road to a circular economy that saves resources, reduces dependence on raw materials and protects our climate while ensuring job creation and value in rural areas.”

Axel Schweitzer, CEO and owner of Interzero, added: “This project marks the beginning of a new era in the field of plastic recycling. Together with our strong partner, OMV, we use our innovative recycling process to the plastic that is currently being burned to a second life through chemical recycling. I am convinced that with the help of chemical recycling, the recycling rate in Germany can and will increase significantly in the future. With this, we will take another big step closer to our vision of a waste-free world. Many thanks to the teams on both sides who made this possible, as well as the support here in the city, county and state – already well established with our existing facility. With the new facility, we are jointly developing Valdurn and the District of Nekar-Odenwald into a leading recycling industry location in Europe.”

Daniela Vlad, Member of the Executive Board of OMV AG and Executive Vice President chemicals and materials: “I would like to thank our partner in interzero joint venture, our technical project partners and especially dedicated supporters here on site who are working with us on this is happening in a future-oriented project. The new sorter is there, an extension of The ReOil® technology developed and patented by OMV and the associated extension of our ReOil® capabilities are further milestones in omv transformation.”

OMV and Interzero establish joint venture to build and operate Europe’s largest sorting facility for chemical recycling

Njemačka nagrada za održivost

Interzero wins German sustainability award

Europe’s leading circular economy service provider, Interzero recognised for its commitment to achieving a waste-free world: Interzero wins Germany’s 2024 Sustainability Award

Berlin/Cologne. In recognition of its comprehensive commitment and pioneering zero waste solutions, Europe’s leading recycling provider will receive the German Sustainability Award in 2024. in the category “Waste management and recycling industry”. Committed to achieving a world without waste, Interzero and its approximately 2,000 employees are leading the way to a sustainable future and a world worth living in, where raw materials are systematically recycled, waste is avoided as much as possible and natural resources are conserved.

“We are very proud of this award,” said Dr. Axel Schweitzer, president and owner of Interzero. “She encourages us to continue our efforts to drive the circular transformation with great determination and passion. If you can imagine, do it: Together with clients and partners, we want to achieve a truly sustainable circular economy to counter the overburdening of our planet more effectively. Many thanks to our customers, partners and our own team.”

Interzero achieves clearly measurable environmental effects with its analog and digital closed-loop solutions and environmentally and economically efficient recycling of raw materials. Scientists at Fraunhofer UMSICHT have been investigating concrete effects on climate and resources for 15 years: According to UMSICHT’s “resurses SAVED by recycling” study, by managing about 2.1 million tons of closed-loop recyclables, Interzero saved more than 8.7 million tons of primary raw materials and avoided about one million tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2022 alone. According to calculations made by the Global Footprint Network (GFN), Earth Overshoot Day 2023. it would have been reached 7 minutes and 16 seconds earlier (globally) or 4 hours and 20 minutes earlier (in Germany) without interzero’s efforts.

Interzer’s Asian sister company is increasingly using closed-loop models adopted from Germany and Europe to encourage resource conservation in Asia as well. Interzero’s social engagement also focuses on sustainable development, and one example is the long-standing partnership with basketball club ALBA BERLIN. As a sponsor and environmental partner, Interzero supports multiple German champion and cup winner to become a top team in terms of sustainability as well. And it also works successfully: ALBA BERLIN has been nominated for the last round of this year’s German Sustainability Award in the sports business category.

The 16th German Sustainability Award is jointly awarded by the Federal Ministry of Environment, the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) and VWF companies leading the way to sustainable transformation. The award ceremony will be held on 23 October. November 2023 years in Düsseldorf.

Resources saved info

Recycling instead of wasting resources: solid evidence for sustainable business contributions

Interzero has published the results of the “Resources saved by recycling” study for 2022

Berlin / Cologne. The consequences of global warming are becoming clearer every week, with policymakers, researchers and entrepreneurs discussing appropriate types of climate action. How can we achieve the climate goals we have set? At the same time, how can we achieve that high living standards and successful economies in Europe become sustainable? One of the answers to this is the systematic recycling of materials. The circular economy has already become a key driver of climate change.

This is clearly demonstrated by the work of the leading European circular services provider, Interzero. As proven today by the study “Resources saved by recycling”, the company and its clients are in 2022. In 2007, they managed a total of 2.1 million tonnes of loop materials. This has resulted in the prevention of about one million tons of greenhouse gas emissions – the equivalent of annual heat carbon emissions for more than 100,000 households. At the same time, about 8.7 million tons of primary resources were saved.

“In the current discussion of climate action, more emphasis is needed on loop raw material management,” says Sebastian Krol, CEO of Interzero Circular Solutions. “Our study aims to show that recycling is an efficient and necessary instrument for reducing emissions harmful to the climate, protecting precious resources and therefore combating overuse of our natural environment. We need a transformation into a real closed-loop economy to maintain the quality of life on our planet. Today, this is the most important joint task we face. “


Interzero also uses study data to provide its customers with individual confirmation of its annual environmental performance. As one example, Sopro Bauchemie GmbH worked with Interzero to reduce the consumption of primary resources and greenhouse gas emissions by several thousand tons. As an integrated circular services consultant, Interzero helps this customer to return and recycle the transport packaging of paper, plastic and white sheet packaging.


Michael Hecker, MANAGING DIRECTOR of Sopro Bauchemie GmbH: “Certificate Resources saved” confirms the environmental advantage of our partnership with Interzero and shows that we are on the right track together. “

Since 2008. Interzero is conducting a study Resources saved by recycling, which shows the general positive impact of recycling on the environment. This comprehensive life cycle assessment report — created by the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology and Energy — is based on a detailed comparison of primary production and recycling, including all necessary process steps. The standardized methodology allows for the means to accurately quantify the savings of resources and greenhouse gases.


“Now in its fifteenth year, this study facilitates and makes the environmental benefits of recycling tangible and understandable. Looking ahead, it will be increasingly important to raise awareness of climate action and the sustainable handling of our raw materials among companies and consumers,” comments Dr. Markus HIEBEL, Head of Sustainability and Participation at Fraunhofer Umsicht.

Fraunhofer Umsicht data is also an important part of the “One World” resource protection campaign. Zero waste. Let’s #MoveTheDate”, which Interzero launched together with the Global Footprint Network (GFN). According to recent GFN calculations, Earth Overshoot Day in 2023. (Various sources ï¿1/2 12/ 07/ 07/ 06/ 06)

In recognition of its deep engagement and successful completion of certain projects related to waste prevention and recycling, Interzero was nominated for the German Sustainability Award 2024. The company is among the finalists in the waste management and recycling category.

We moved Earth Overshoot Day by 7 minutes and 16 seconds

One world. Zero Waste. Let’s #MoveTheDate!

The Earth Overshoot Day is an unpleasant reminder that we live far beyond our means. In 2023. Calculations suggest that this threshold has already been crossed on 2. August. This is the date by which humanity uses all the natural resources that our planet can provide in one year. As an industrialized nation, for example, Germany reached this dark turning point even earlier on April 4th. May! Here at Interzero, we are not ready to stand by and watch the world continue to exploit its resources. On the contrary, we are working to create a waste-free world where we can use the resources available to us in a sustainable and responsible way. Our “zero-waste solutions” actively contribute to climate action every day and help ensure security of supply for future generations. Together with our employees, customers and partners, we are working hard to move Earth Overshoot Day further, step by step.

“We are proud of the fact that we return significantly more resources to our customers and partners than we consume. 7 minutes and 16 seconds of excess savings are the starting point and the incentive for further expansion of our activities.”

Sebastian Krol CEO, Interzero Circular Solutions

Join our movement and reduce your environmental footprint, because climate action is a team sport. As a company, you can improve your records of sustainability, resilience, long-term profit opportunities and reputation by opting for sustainable closed-loop material management. As an individual, you can make a small but vital contribution every day to make sure our planet still has enough air to breathe.

Interzero PAK - authorized operator of packaging waste management system

At Interzero team, we are very proud to have received a license for packaging waste management system operators. This is an essential step for Interzero to strengthen our international positioning and further launch plans to expand our integrated environmental solutions. At the same time, this strategic milestone provides a solid foundation for further local services in Serbia and enables the sustainable development of our competencies in the region. So we can exceed customer expectations by providing more and more international services with our highest quality standards.

We believe that just like for our 50,000 satisfied customers across Europe, we will also be a trusted partner in the field of waste management for Serbian companies. We will provide reliable, legally compliant and business management of packaging waste to all domestic and foreign companies operating on the Serbian market.

“We would like to thank Vojislav Stanković and the team for their excellent work and are now looking forward to introducing innovative sustainability solutions in Serbia in line with our best international practices,” said Martin Ulke, Head of Interzero Circular Solutions Europe.

Interzero publishes the latest study "resources SAVED by recycling"

The evidence is clear: circular movement is good for the environment.

+++ According to data from the 2021 study. Interzero’s circular loop solutions reduced 1 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions while saving 12.5 million tons of primary resources. Costs of 199m euros for environmental damage were avoided.

+++ Interzero presents data from a new study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Environment, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT at K 2022, the Berlin/Cologne plastics and rubber fair. Every year, Interzero, as Europe’s leading circular economy service provider, asks itself the same question: what types of environmental damage do we avoid with our customer solutions and how does it create potential savings for society?


The “resurses SAVED by recycling” study published today by Fraunhofer UMSICHT again provides evidence of a clear positive effect. In 2021. In 2007, Interzero achieved some significant environmental milestones. By managing a total of 1.8 million tons of loop material, Interzero and its clients managed to save around 12.5 million tons of primary resources in 2021. In other news, The Associated Press reported that the emissions of greenhouse gases were reduced by about 1 million tonnes. Without Interzero’s efforts, the cost of environmental damage caused by the climate would amount to a total of 199 million euros (using the costing methods of the German Federal Environment Agency). The primary resources saved this year are equivalent to 5,227 fully grown Sequoia trees.


Interzero President and Shareholder Dr. Axel Schweitzer: “Heat, drought, floods, disease and hunger – the consequences of climate change and overexploitation of the natural environment are now increasingly felt around the world. We use this study every year to evaluate the results of the efforts we make together with our clients and partners. In publishing the study, however, we also want to underline the effectiveness of closed-cycle resource management as an environmental and economic tool to counter humanity’s catastrophic environmental and climate change behavior. The circular economy offers enormous opportunities that we must not lose sight of, especially given the tense situation in Europe and the associated rise in energy prices. Full details of the current study will be announced at K 2022, which runs from 19 June to 2022. by 26. [Getty Images] At the event, the world’s largest trade fair for plastics and rubber, experts from Interzero Plastics Recycling will showcase innovative plastic recycling technologies and services, as well as explain the environmental benefits of recycling over primary production.


According to calculations by researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute, the use of Interzero’s recycled plastic “Prociclen” reduces emissions of harmful to the climate by 56 percent compared to the use of primary plastics made from crude oil. For many years, Interzero has been working with Fraunhofer UMSICHT to produce scientific assessments of the savings achieved by its own closed-circuit activities. The company also based a recent communications campaign on the calculations of the Experts from Fraunhofer institute. It’s called “One World.” Zero Waste. Let’s #MoveTheDate’, Interzero draws attention to the preservation of natural resources. According to the methods used by the Global Footprint Network, Interzero returns to the planet 10 times more regenerative capacity to create value worth one euro than the global community takes away for that same euro. Expressed in time terms, Interzero “runs the clock backwards” on Earth Overshoot Day – which has already been reached on 28 June. July 2022 – in 4 minutes and 20 seconds, or in 2 hours and 20 minutes when counted only in Germany. Dr. Axel Schweitzer: “While these figures on hours and minutes may seem trivial at first glance, they show that even the business practices of a medium-sized company such as Interzero can make a difference globally, and motivate us to continue our work into the future. We want to encourage everyone in our immediate network to contribute to a sustainable closed-loop economy and help stop the increasing exploitation of our planet.


Interzero and Alba Berlin – a new group congratulates the new, old master

+++ 11. Title for the Berlin Albatross


Berlin/Cologne. Already during the current season, this could have been predicted in a way, but now it is a beautiful reality: the ALBA BERLIN basketball team became German champion in basketball on 11 May.


Interzero, a newly formed group of companies in the circular economy, to which the main sponsor and environmental partner Interseroh+ belongs, congratulates on its third championship win in a row.


“We have managed to experience together 11 cup victories and 11 championship victories together so far alongside other titles. But every win and every championship is something special. Therefore, on behalf of Interzero, I want to thank the entire ALBA BERLIN. To the basketball team and fans for this once again great 2021/22 season. The fact that we started with Interzero the same week and Alba Berlin became the champion of Germany is a good sign for our new company,” says Dr. Axel Schweizer, a shareholder of Interzero and member of the supervisory board of ALBA BERLIN.


Sustainability connects


The name of Interzero Group, which was created by the immediate withdrawal from ALBA Group, stands for innovative, sustainable and customer-friendly recycling and recycling management. Interzero’s vision is a world without waste.


In this context, employees and managers of the group of companies are particularly proud that Albatross sponsorship is aimed at a club that aims to become the most sustainable basketball club in Europe by 2025. He sees himself as an active social actor accordingly. with UN sustainability goals relevant to the association.


The declared goal of the association is to support physically and mentally active citizens to help shape the world today and tomorrow.” Because of this open approach and wide cooperation, not only the Bundesliga players are the best in ALBA BERLIN, but also Bundesliga players and teams in other classes.


Basketball offers successful strategies for companies

Schweizer points out that success can only be achieved in sports, but also in business, with a bold vision, perseverance and above all team play. Basketball with its fast play and sophisticated rules is again particularly demanding in this regard and offers good role models for employees and managers. This fits in with Interzero’s far-reaching vision of a zero waste world. Likewise, a group of companies must move agilely in sometimes highly regulated, but today extremely dynamic markets. That’s why Interzero and ALBA BERLIN are great partners.


“Our sporting success is the result of a strong concept for young talent and long-term, stable partnerships. Interzero also gives us valuable impulses towards environmental sustainability and accompanies us in the international orientation of our programs,” comments Marco Baldi, General Manager of ALBA BERLIN.


Interzero will be the main sponsor and environmental partner in the coming season. Connections should be expanded with special reference to the idea of sustainability.


The attached photo can be freely used under the source “Interzero”.

Lindt & Sprungly relies on Interseroh+ for sustainable packaging optimization

Lindt & Sprungli continues to develop the recycling capability and efficiency of its packaging raw materials. As a competent service provider, Interseroh+ monitors the achievement of packaging-specific sustainability objectives. “Made for recycling” provides independent analysis and recognized certification.

Cologne. Lindt & Sprungley wants to see it by 2025. make all packaging suitable for recycling or reuse, omit non-recyclable plastics and reduce the total consumption of new plastic by 20 percent. A leading supplier of premium chocolates is now leveraging the expertise of environmental services provider Interseroh+ to sustainably optimize its packaging. Based on the recognized “Made for Recycling” standard, Interseroh+ supports the effective implementation of “Lindt &Sprungly Packaging Commitments” worldwide.

Axel Konig, Manager of the Corporate Sustainable Packaging Initiative at Lindt & Sprungley, explains: “Interseroh+’s professional support will help Lindt & Sprungly deliver on our five sustainable packaging commitments to support the circular economy.

“We are thrilled to be able to support Lindt & Sprungly in the packing mission. Our experts have innovative tools and the necessary knowledge to implement packaging concepts with the highest possible recycling rates and high efficiency of raw materials for all possible market conditions and products We are proud to support such top companies as Lindt & Sprungly”, says Markus Miller-Drexel, CEO of Interseroh+ GmbH.

As a competent companion on the road to recycling and sustainable packaging, Interseroh+ offers tailor-made solutions. Long-term co-operation includes continuous consulting around the world – including in the US, France, Italy and the DACH region. Professional workshops also impart specific knowledge on topics such as the use of recycling and paper packaging.

Lindt & Sprungly uses the online tool “Check Recycling” to quickly and easily assess the recyclability of the packaging itself. For a more detailed analysis, internationally experienced experts from “Made for Recycling” take over. The service with its scientific evaluation methodology was developed by environmental service provider Interseroh together with the Bifa Institute of Environment and confirmed by the Fraunhofer Institute of Process Engineering and Packaging IVV.

At Interseroh+’s internal plastic recycling competence centre, experts not only examine materials and packaging design, but also practical sorting and recyclability. The laboratory in Maribor, Slovenia, is in 2020. It received international accreditation (ISO/IEC 17025:2017) – the only recognized research institution in the EU specializing in the development and analysis of recycled plastics.


About Lindt & Sprungli:

Lindt & Sprungly has captivated the world with chocolate for over 175 years. The traditional Swiss company with roots in Zurich is the world leader in the field of premium chocolate. Today, quality Lindt & Sprungly chocolates are produced at 11 of our own production sites in Europe and the USA. They are distributed by 31 subsidiaries and subsidiaries, in about 500 own stores and through a network of over 100 independent distributors worldwide. With more than 14,000 employees, Lindt & Sprungli Group generated sales of CHF 4.59 billion in 2021.