Management of material flows

We rely on our strong and extensive network of procurement and recycling of secondary raw materials – we supply you with the raw materials of the future

We manage networks of all types of waste materials, so we will be happy to provide your company with the type of secondary raw material you need. We also ensure complete transparency of material flows and keep records for you.

In the graph that represents the circular business of the company, in the upper part you can see where we at Interzero help you by providing secondary raw materials.

With our world-leading expertise and experience in innovative waste treatment methods, we can help you source a wide range of raw materials. This includes recycling and reusing your own products. We design for you the appropriate network from which you can obtain the raw materials you need and develop methods to adapt recycled plastics to your individual needs.

Contact us for all material flow management explanations and information on how secondary raw materials can help your company.