Disposal and destruction of goods

The write-off of goods for the purpose of destruction/disposal is a tax-recognized expense (in terms of profit tax), whereby no value-added tax liability arises.

Waste, durable trade goods

Are you writing off goods that have expired, are no longer in the sales range or do not meet the requirements for import? Goods that have been destroyed are properly and ecologically disposed of or recycled, thus eliminating the possibility of their return to the market. Leave your write-offs to us.

At Interzero, we use environmentally friendly and safe disposal methods that comply with regulations. Our experts will help you choose the best method that will be adapted to your needs and the type of waste you want to destroy.

It is important to note that the write-off of goods can be done in a different way, for example through donation, reuse or recycling, which can also be environmentally acceptable and socially responsible. Our expert team will provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision.