Your partner for efficient waste management

We help our clients with
  • Fulfillment of legal requirements,
  • Optimization of packaging and
  • Reduction of costs related to waste management.
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Waste management

We help you align your business with legal regulations in the field of waste management.

  • Monitoring of laws, amendments and additions to laws on waste management and written notification of all changes related to the needs of clients,
  • Assistance in filling out supporting documents.
  • Assistance in the preparation of declarations on the physical and chemical properties of hazardous waste,
  • Assistance in keeping records of waste generation and handling of waste,, ...
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Made for recycling certification

Is your packaging ready for recycling?

  • In 5 steps, we check the recyclability of your packaging
  • If it meets our conditions, you get the Made for recycling stamp
  • You can place the seal on your products and show your contribution to a sustainable environment
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About Interzero



Employees and initiatives

Our employees are experts in circular economy who make Interzero what it is. Together with you and our partners, we create a future worth living in.

Sabine Nallinger and Markus Muller-Dreksel in conversation (in German)

In the interview you can see why the European Green Deal is a great opportunity for companies – and for the circular economy.

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Responsibility and strategy

We build bridges, close loops and create added value. Our strategy gives us a framework for this. We always focus on the most important things.

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Studies and certificates

In black and white, we document the contribution of our customers to climate protection: the Fraunhofer UMSICHT Institute regularly calculates the positive environmental effects of this commitment.

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Products & Customers

We’re working on recycling raw materials. For the protection of the environment and for the benefit of our customers.