At Interzero team, we are very proud to have received a license for packaging waste management system operators. This is an essential step for Interzero to strengthen our international positioning and further launch plans to expand our integrated environmental solutions. At the same time, this strategic milestone provides a solid foundation for further local services in Serbia and enables the sustainable development of our competencies in the region. So we can exceed customer expectations by providing more and more international services with our highest quality standards.

We believe that just like for our 50,000 satisfied customers across Europe, we will also be a trusted partner in the field of waste management for Serbian companies. We will provide reliable, legally compliant and business management of packaging waste to all domestic and foreign companies operating on the Serbian market.

“We would like to thank Vojislav Stanković and the team for their excellent work and are now looking forward to introducing innovative sustainability solutions in Serbia in line with our best international practices,” said Martin Ulke, Head of Interzero Circular Solutions Europe.