Employees and initiatives

Our corporate culture of “we are one” means respect, sharing and accountability.

Common values ​​unite us – regardless of your role at Interzero, where you come from, what you believe in or who you love. In Germany alone, Interzero employs people of 41 different nationalities between the ages of 16 and 67. By respecting our differences, getting to know interests and learning from each other, we promote equal opportunities for our employees. Our competency model serves for a common understanding of our values ​​and provides orientation to employees at all levels. It represents the basis for our vision of “zero waste solutions” every day, without giving up and striving to find the right ways to realize that vision.

Thinking outside the box: Two degrees are possible

Companies have a central role in achieving the two-tiered goal. So what actions should we take to reduce global warming? The strategy adopted by the “Road to Economy” initiative< 2°” is “we achieve more if we work together”. Thanks to its interdisciplinary approach, it brings together a wide range of industries, specialties and perspectives with the aim of advancing towards their common goal. Interzero plays an active role. Together with about 40 other companies, we are members of this pioneering project jointly launched by the 2° Foundation and VVF Germany.