In the last decade, ESG regulations have increased by 155% globally!

Since 2011. In 2015, 1,255 ESG regulations were introduced worldwide. Companies around the world struggle with complexity and mass of regulations and are often confused about how to set and track their indicators and sustainability goals.


For this reason, Interzero has decided to prepare for you a simple, easy-to-use solution that is very professionally and thoroughly managed by our experts in the background, thus supporting your real needs.

In the webinar you will find out:

  • What is “sustainability reporting” and what are the main relevant standards?
  • When and for whom does it become mandatory?
  • What does Environmental Sustainability Dashboard (ESD) mean and how can it benefit your company?
  • What is the process of collecting data, analyzing and reporting on environmental KPIs?
  • How can we help you improve your organization’s sustainability initiatives, set goals, track progress, and ultimately improve your overall strategy?