One world. Zero Waste. Let’s #MoveTheDate!

The Earth Overshoot Day is an unpleasant reminder that we live far beyond our means. In 2023. Calculations suggest that this threshold has already been crossed on 2. August. This is the date by which humanity uses all the natural resources that our planet can provide in one year. As an industrialized nation, for example, Germany reached this dark turning point even earlier on April 4th. May! Here at Interzero, we are not ready to stand by and watch the world continue to exploit its resources. On the contrary, we are working to create a waste-free world where we can use the resources available to us in a sustainable and responsible way. Our “zero-waste solutions” actively contribute to climate action every day and help ensure security of supply for future generations. Together with our employees, customers and partners, we are working hard to move Earth Overshoot Day further, step by step.

“We are proud of the fact that we return significantly more resources to our customers and partners than we consume. 7 minutes and 16 seconds of excess savings are the starting point and the incentive for further expansion of our activities.”

Sebastian Krol CEO, Interzero Circular Solutions

Join our movement and reduce your environmental footprint, because climate action is a team sport. As a company, you can improve your records of sustainability, resilience, long-term profit opportunities and reputation by opting for sustainable closed-loop material management. As an individual, you can make a small but vital contribution every day to make sure our planet still has enough air to breathe.