+++ 11. Title for the Berlin Albatross


Berlin/Cologne. Already during the current season, this could have been predicted in a way, but now it is a beautiful reality: the ALBA BERLIN basketball team became German champion in basketball on 11 May.


Interzero, a newly formed group of companies in the circular economy, to which the main sponsor and environmental partner Interseroh+ belongs, congratulates on its third championship win in a row.


“We have managed to experience together 11 cup victories and 11 championship victories together so far alongside other titles. But every win and every championship is something special. Therefore, on behalf of Interzero, I want to thank the entire ALBA BERLIN. To the basketball team and fans for this once again great 2021/22 season. The fact that we started with Interzero the same week and Alba Berlin became the champion of Germany is a good sign for our new company,” says Dr. Axel Schweizer, a shareholder of Interzero and member of the supervisory board of ALBA BERLIN.


Sustainability connects


The name of Interzero Group, which was created by the immediate withdrawal from ALBA Group, stands for innovative, sustainable and customer-friendly recycling and recycling management. Interzero’s vision is a world without waste.


In this context, employees and managers of the group of companies are particularly proud that Albatross sponsorship is aimed at a club that aims to become the most sustainable basketball club in Europe by 2025. He sees himself as an active social actor accordingly. with UN sustainability goals relevant to the association.


The declared goal of the association is to support physically and mentally active citizens to help shape the world today and tomorrow.” Because of this open approach and wide cooperation, not only the Bundesliga players are the best in ALBA BERLIN, but also Bundesliga players and teams in other classes.


Basketball offers successful strategies for companies

Schweizer points out that success can only be achieved in sports, but also in business, with a bold vision, perseverance and above all team play. Basketball with its fast play and sophisticated rules is again particularly demanding in this regard and offers good role models for employees and managers. This fits in with Interzero’s far-reaching vision of a zero waste world. Likewise, a group of companies must move agilely in sometimes highly regulated, but today extremely dynamic markets. That’s why Interzero and ALBA BERLIN are great partners.


“Our sporting success is the result of a strong concept for young talent and long-term, stable partnerships. Interzero also gives us valuable impulses towards environmental sustainability and accompanies us in the international orientation of our programs,” comments Marco Baldi, General Manager of ALBA BERLIN.


Interzero will be the main sponsor and environmental partner in the coming season. Connections should be expanded with special reference to the idea of sustainability.


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