About us

The characteristics of our work are circular economy, waste prevention and preservation of natural resources .

Since 1991 We have been developing customized integrated environmental services for clients in all industries. We are pioneers of sustainable development: Interzero is one of the leading service providers on the market in the area of ​​rounding off product flows, materials and logistics solutions. We collaborate with our clients across Europe to design intelligent, full-service solutions and products that promote sustainable business operations for the benefit of the environment, the economy and society as a whole.

Interzero in brief: facts and figures – since our founding in 1991. Since 2010, we have provided integrated services to more than 50,000 clients in all industry sectors, according to their individual needs, with annual sales of approximately 1.05 billion euros. We employ 2,000 people at 40 locations in 10 countries.




Billions. € annual turnover


years of experience






satisfied clients

What we offer you

  • Environmental protection solutions adapted to the client
  • Innovative recycling procedures
  • Secondary raw materials
  • A comprehensive portfolio of waste management services
  • Over 30 years of industry experience
  • Nationwide service

Areas of our business

Upravljanje materialnim tokovima

Innovative solutions for recycling

Raw materials obtained through recycling provide companies with the opportunity to rethink their products. We organize the return and recycling of packaging material and process raw materials in market-compatible quality based on customer requirements.

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Your waste management partner

Individual solutions bring maximum success – and this also applies to waste disposal and management in the company, which we design with an innovative approach to be sustainable, comprehensive and efficient.

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Circular solutions and closed loops

We encourage our customers to take responsibility for their products – with a logistics system that enables a circular flow of materials and reversibility in production, new business models and optimal connection of our services.

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Solutions for optimizing workspaces

We provide efficient waste management services in facilities, in the form of individual solutions. In this way, we help clients improve their business in the direction of the circular economy.

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International solutions

In order to comprehensively implement the circular economy, we work at the international level, provide environmental advice and optimize waste disposal solutions.

History - key milestones


Immediately after the entry into force of the German Packaging Act 1. January 2019: after the successful launch of the on-line Licensing package licensing store, Lizenzero, during the summer. In 2018, the dual system Interzero (DSI) is available to packaging entrepreneurs of all dimensions, with its solutions designed according to the needs of clients.

Interzero continues to develop its range of services, and with its environmental protection services it is present in Austria, Slovenia, Poland, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Italy and Serbia.

Our Code of Conduct

1. Code of conduct within the compliance management system

Personal integrity and safe judgment are constitutive features that enable the correct application of our services. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary that every employee (hereinafter, for the sake of simplification, included under the collective name “Employees”) is familiar with the rules of importance for our company and is familiar with the effects and consequences of certain actions and decisions.

This Code of Conduct also serves as a central guideline for proper conduct in all matters relating to our company. The request for legally blameless behavior is bindingly formulated in written form and should serve as an orientation to employees, whether an action or decision is allowed or not. Also, our company values ​​are part of this Code of Conduct.

As for the details, the Code of Conduct is supplemented by special directives and regulations. To continue to be successful, we have established a compliance management system that helps us to have the right attitudes and procedures in line with legal and business requirements.