MADE FOR RECYCLINGIs your packaging suitable for recycling?

The packer and the manufacturer can only place on the market packaging that meets the essential requirements regarding the production and composition of the packaging and its suitability for reuse and recovery, including recycling, Article 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. and 14 of the Law on Packaging and Packaging Waste

Interzero Serbia provides Made for Recycling packaging certification service. For packaging rated very good, the quality mark Made for recycling is awarded.

The Bifa Institute for Environmental Protection, in cooperation with Interzero, has developed a methodology for evaluating the recyclability of packaging according to the guidelines prescribed by the minimum standards approved by Fraunhofer IVV.

Steps to certification and quality mark:

  • You send 5 packing samples.
  • Your packaging is tested and analyzed at the Interzero Plastics Innovation in Maribor.
  • You receive a Certificate and Report on the possibility of recycling, which contains concrete and practical recommendations if further action is required.
  • You optimize your packaging.
  • We repeat the review and analysis of your improvements.

Why does the Made for recycling certification help promote the circular economy?

High recyclability

Packaging can be recycled well above the legal minimum standard.

Proper waste separation

The consumer can sort them and put them away.

Efficient sorting

They are assigned to the right material in sorting systems.

Optimal use

They are valuable materials that can be reused in new products and packaging.

More responsibility

You make an important contribution to promoting the circular economy.