Sustainability in the focus of corporate strategy

The characteristics of our work are circular economy, waste prevention and preservation of natural resources . Since 1991 We have been developing customized integrated environmental services for clients in all industries. We are pioneers of sustainable development: Interzero is one of the leading service providers on the market in the area of ​​rounding off product flows, materials and logistics solutions. We collaborate with our clients across Europe to design intelligent, full-service solutions and products that promote sustainable business operations for the benefit of the environment, the economy and society as a whole.

Since 1991, we have provided integrated services to more than 50,000 clients in all industry sectors, according to their individual needs, with annual sales of approximately 705 million euros (2020). We employ 2,000 people at 40 locations in 8 countries.

What we offer you

  • Environmental protection solutions adapted to the client
  • Innovative recycling procedures
  • Secondary raw materials
  • A comprehensive portfolio of waste management services
  • Over 30 years of industry experience
  • Nationwide service

Areas of our business

Upravljanje materialnim tokovima

Innovative solutions for recycling

Raw materials obtained through recycling provide companies with the opportunity to rethink their products. We organize the return and recycling of packaging material and process raw materials in market-compatible quality based on customer requirements.

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Your waste management partner

Individual solutions bring maximum success – and this also applies to waste disposal and management in the company, which we design with an innovative approach to be sustainable, comprehensive and efficient.

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Circular solutions, which close loops

We encourage our customers to take responsibility for their products – with a logistics system that enables a circular flow of materials and reversibility in production, new business models and optimal connection of our services.

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Solutions for optimizing workspaces

We provide efficient waste management services in facilities, in the form of individual solutions. In this way, we help clients improve their business in the direction of the circular economy.

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International solutions

In order to comprehensively implement the circular economy, we work at the international level, provide environmental advice and optimize waste disposal solutions.

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History - key milestones


Immediately after the entry into force of the German Packaging Act 1. January 2019: after the successful launch of the on-line Licensing package licensing store, Lizenzero, during the summer. In 2018, the dual system Interzero (DSI) is available to packaging entrepreneurs of all dimensions, with its solutions designed according to the needs of clients.

Interzero continues to develop its range of services, and with its environmental protection services it is present in Austria, Slovenia, Poland, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Italy and Serbia.

Our Code of Conduct

1. Code of conduct within the compliance management system

Personal integrity and safe judgment are constitutive features that enable the correct application of our services. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary that every employee (hereinafter, for the sake of simplification, included under the collective name “Employees”) is familiar with the rules of importance for our company and is familiar with the effects and consequences of certain actions and decisions.

This Code of Conduct also serves as a central guideline for proper conduct in all matters relating to our company. The request for legally blameless behavior is bindingly formulated in written form and should serve as an orientation to employees, whether an action or decision is allowed or not. Also, our company values ​​are part of this Code of Conduct.

As for the details, the Code of Conduct is supplemented by special directives and regulations. To continue to be successful, we have established a compliance management system that helps us to have the right attitudes and procedures in line with legal and business requirements.

2. Principles and social responsibility

For us, social responsibility and credibility is a matter of engagement for a sustainable economy, ensuring social and environmental standards, as well as for society as a whole. Therefore, clear principles and standards apply to these issues.

2.1 Human rights and child labor

We respect internationally recognized human rights and promote respect for them. We will not tolerate behavior that is inconsistent with these values.
In the company, we do not accept the illegal employment of children and young people.

2.2 Equal right to opportunity and protection from discrimination

We promote equal opportunity and avoid discrimination in employment, as well as in stimulating and approving training and development measures. We treat all employees in the same way, regardless of gender, age, skin color, culture, ethnic origin, sexual identity or orientation, whether they have special needs or belonging to a religion.

2.3 Respect for rights and laws

We expect all employees to comply with applicable laws and regulations. All managers of our company are obliged to be familiar with the values ​​on which our attitude towards justice and the law is based. They act as role models and guide employees towards behavior that is in accordance with the law and rules.

2.4 Respect for social standards

Together with the managers, we advocate that all employees are treated with dignity and respect. All employees must have the opportunity to work in an environment free of physical threats and psychological and sexual harassment. Upon reporting a misdemeanor, we act in the interest of the victim and with respect for potential witnesses, regardless of the position and rank of the injured party.
We expect our employees to stand behind democratic principles.
We follow and manage laws to ensure fair working conditions and wages, working hours and privacy protections.
As part of legal training, we encourage the expansion of the professional abilities of employees through our own education and training measures.
We also expect our business partners to adhere to equivalent standards in the areas of: human rights, respect for justice, protection of children and young people, treatment of employees, right to equal opportunities, health and safety at work, wages and social rights.

2.5 Health and Safety

Safety and health protection at work are an integral part of the work process in our company.
For each workplace, we take the necessary measures to avoid accidents and endangering health and ensure compliance with occupational safety and health regulations. Every manager has an obligation to encourage his employees in this.
We expect our subsidiaries and everyone who works with us to adhere to the appropriate standards.

2.6 Environmental protection / Sustainability

As a company in the field of waste management and recycling, environmental and climate protection, as well as resource efficiency, are of great importance to us.
We attach great importance to avoiding or reducing environmental pollution by reducing energy and water needs, emissions and waste.
We rely on the use of environmentally efficient technologies and materials for environmental protection, economy and reuse.
We support sustainable business practices and environmentally conscious actions of our managers and employees.
Each employee is responsible for the careful handling of natural resources and contributes to the protection of the environment and climate with his individual behavior.
With sustainability reporting, we provide a comprehensive overview of our social and environmental achievements. This allows customers, employees, suppliers and other interested parties to gain an idea of ​​the effects of our company’s operations on society and the environment.

2.7 Quality management

Our quality management system ensures that the products and services we develop and sell meet our customers’ requirements in every respect. Every employee is responsible for the satisfaction of their external and internal customers.
Together with environmental and occupational health and safety management, quality management is regularly externally certified as part of our integrated management system in accordance with the standards of the European ISO norm.

3. Behavior in the company

3.1 Conduct among persons in the company

We attach great importance to the fact that all employees maintain mutual trust characterized by openness and respect. We actively oppose discrimination, harassment and other humiliating behavior towards employees.

3.2 Company Values

We act in accordance with our values ​​of respect, sharing and responsibility (“we are one”).

Treat each other with RESPECT
We approach each other with curiosity and interest and recognize our differences. When meeting, we pay attention to manners and tone and assume good intentions. We recognize the results of work and performance (of others) and appreciate them.

Maintain mutual EXCHANGE
We actively network and take the time to establish personal contact. During the interaction, it is important for us to listen and ask questions. We ensure that knowledge and information are transmitted and received in a timely and targeted manner. We are open to change, send impulses and develop ideas.

Together we take RESPONSIBILITY
We adhere to agreements and obligations and carry out actions defined by our role. We move in the same direction and actively shape TOGETHER with dedication and awareness of solutions. In our active support and engagement, we take care of our own and external resources.
The values ​​of respect, exchange and responsibility provide the framework and support for our togetherness in equal measure. The behavior of colleagues and managers becomes more expected and predictable. Everyone can and should contribute to the improvement of mutual cooperation.

3.3 We support CHANGES

Through stronger networking, appreciation and responsible interaction with each other and with the resources of the company and us as people, everyday business, projects and conflicts can be solved more efficiently, and this also applies to decision-making.
We improve our performance with a sense of responsibility for the whole, uncomplicated exchange and diversity of our talents, who are fearless and have the courage to develop and try new ideas.

3.4 Avoiding conflicts of interest

In our company, business decisions are made in accordance with the interests of the company.
We avoid situations where our personal or financial interests could conflict with the company.
If conflicting situations arise, they must be resolved in accordance with the law and applicable company guidelines.

3.5 Dealing with company assets

We treat and use company property appropriately and carefully and protect it from loss, theft and misuse. We use company tangible and intangible assets only for corporate purposes and not for personal use, unless expressly permitted.
Our employees, together with their superiors, are obliged to ensure that the type and scope of business trips always correspond to the purpose of the trip. We always plan trips taking into account time and cost aspects and adhere to company travel guidelines.
In order to achieve the highest possible level of operational security in this regard, our company applies the “Anti-corruption Policy”, which, among other things, regulates the possibility of accepting and granting business advantages and benefits (eg invitations, hospitality, events, etc.). We expect our employees, as well as business partners, to comply with local regulations.

4. Behavior in business interaction

4.1 Avoiding corruption

Our company stands for technological competence, innovative strength, customer focus and motivated, responsible employees. This is the basis of our high reputation and sustainable economic success among the competition.
Corruption threatens these guarantees of success and will not be tolerated. Bribes and other unfair influences on business decisions are unacceptable means of obtaining business for us. We’d rather quit our jobs than break the law.
We invite every employee in our company to actively participate in the successful prevention of corruption in their area of ​​responsibility.

4.2 Gifts, invitations and other benefits

It is forbidden to accept or approve conveniences and benefits (gifts, invitations and other benefits) in direct material or temporal connection with the business decision.
The appearance of unfair influence on business decisions should also be avoided.

4.3 Donations and Sponsorships

We see ourselves as an active member of society and are therefore involved in various ways. We donate and engage socially in other ways without any expectations.
Donations may not be given to political parties or party-related funds or institutions.
Sponsorships are only possible after a prior legal check and taking into account the appropriate services and counter-services, as well as in compliance with the company’s internal guidelines.

4.4 Work with institutions and public services

When we work with institutions, we always behave honestly, transparently and in accordance with the applicable law.
In the case of inquiries from institutions or other services that go beyond routine issues, we always inform the responsible manager and, if necessary, the legal department in order to coordinate the next steps.

4.5 Fair competition and antitrust law

We are committed to fair competition and compliance with related laws.
Antitrust violations threaten our success and will not be tolerated.
Managers and employees of our company do not agree with competitors, suppliers or other companies that could have an unauthorized influence on the state of market competition.
In case of doubt, the legal department should be involved in the decision.

4.6 Prevention of money laundering

We respect the legal obligations to prevent money laundering and do not participate in money laundering activities. Every employee is obliged to have the legal department check for any unusual financial transactions, especially those related to cash, which may lead to suspicion of money laundering.

4.7 Intellectual Property Protection

Regarding the protection of intellectual property, we comply with applicable laws. Intellectual property is protected by law (eg copyright, trademark or patent rights) or as a trade secret.
We adhere to it. However, the legal situation often depends on the specifics of the individual case. When in doubt, we include the legal department in the assessment.

4.8 Financial Integrity

Our company’s business transactions and business records must be accurate and regular. We record and document all business transactions, assets and liabilities in accordance with legal requirements.
Documents relevant to financial accounting must not contain intentionally false or misleading entries. Any form of manipulation is prohibited.

5. Confidentiality and Communication

Our company’s trade secrets are protected and treated as strictly confidential.
Trade secrets include all documents that are not suitable or intended for external dissemination, e.g. contracts, draft contracts, planning information, financial information, human resources information, intellectual property and any other business considerations (confidential information).
Internally, we make confidential information available only to those employees who deal with it.
Special safeguards must be used for digital, confidential information.
When sending emails, we ensure that confidential texts and attachments are sent only to authorized persons.
We do not share any confidential or sensitive company information on social media.
Forwarding confidential data to third parties is possible only if it is in the company’s interest and if the forwarding does not violate legal or contractual regulations. Before passing on such confidential information to third parties, the conclusion of the confidentiality statement must always be checked. If in doubt, seek advice from the legal department.

5.2 Communication with the public

We respect the right to freedom of expression and the protection of personal rights and privacy.
Every employee should be aware that even in their private life they can be considered a part and representative of our company. Therefore, all employees are invited to maintain the reputation of the company by their behavior and appearance in public.

5.3 Statements in marketing and advertising / reporting

We always provide truthful information about our services in marketing and advertising. Inaccurate and misleading information can harm our customers and our reputation. We value open and truthful reporting and communication about the company’s business transactions with investors, employees, customers, business partners, the public and government institutions.

5.4 Data protection

When collecting, storing, processing or transferring personal data (eg name, address, telephone number, date of birth, etc.) of employees, customers or other third parties, we ensure the greatest possible care and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. In case of doubt, the advice of the company’s data protection officer is sought.

5.5 Transparency of Information

We ensure fast and smooth exchange of information in the company. Data is accurately and completely transferred to other authorized persons. Knowledge relevant to the activity must not be unfairly withheld, falsified or selectively passed on.

6. Implementation and contact person

We actively encourage communication about the rules on which this code of conduct is based.
We encourage our employees to communicate openly and discuss issues. Therefore, employees who express concerns about the company’s operations in good faith are not at a disadvantage.
Our managers have a special role as role models and are the first point of contact for questions about understanding the regulations. As part of their management tasks, they prevent unacceptable behavior or take appropriate measures to prevent violations of the rules in their area of ​​responsibility.
The external lawyer and ombudsman is available to employees and business partners at the contact details below if they have any questions regarding this Code of Conduct or indicate a violation of the law or guidelines.
The lawyer and ombudsman treat all information confidentially.
You can get it through the following contact details:
Law Enforcement Officer Services

7. Decision support

If you are unsure whether a decision is in line with company policy, the following questions may help:
• Is my decision legal and in accordance with company rules?
• Can I make a decision in the best interest of the company without conflicting interests?
• Can I reconcile the decision with my conscience?
• Can I easily disclose the decision to the outside world?
• Can the decision be challenged by a third party?
• Will my decision protect the good reputation of the company?
If you can answer “yes” to all the questions, your decision is probably justified. If in doubt, please contact the designated contact person.

Status: 05/2020