is Interzero's solution for companies of any size interested in monitoring sustainability-related data.

With 30 years of industry and consulting experience, Interzero's Environmental Sustainability Dashboard is an indispensable tool for in-depth analysis of your environmental KPIs.

With a proven track record, Interzero is well equipped to enhance your organization’s sustainability initiatives, set goals, monitor progress, and ultimately improve your overall strategy

1 Context Analysis

  • Preliminary Analysis: Understand the client's unique context for effective sustainability planning.
  • Process Analysis: Define sustainability goals, relevant KPIs, and data integration strategy.
  • Macro-goals Definitions: Set up specific sustainability goals aligning with business objectives.

2 Data Analysis

  • Relevant KPIs: Define proper and comprehensive data for meaningful insights.
  • Available Data Analysis
  • Input Data Definition
  • Input Data Process Setup

3 Data Input

  • Input Data Template
  • Data Verification: Check data accuracy to ensure reliable results.
  • Data Input Support

4 Dashboard

  • Multi-level KPIs: Monitor the parameters for reporting purposes.
  • Reporting: Gain actionable insights at a glance.

5 Interpretation

  • Critical Reviews of Results: Help clients gain a deeper understanding of the data and its implications.
  • Focus on Specific KPIs: Gain tailored explanations.

6 Performance Improvement

  • Definition of Action Plans: Assess performance against KPIs and identify areas for enhancement.
  • Adjusting Goals: Tailor improvement measures based on the KPIs and objectives.
  • Support to Implementation


The Environmental Sustainability Dashboard is Interzero’s solution for organizations of any size interested in monitoring sustainability-related data. Our dashboard provides easy access to various environmental KPIs such as energy consumption, emissions, water consumption, waste management and other environmental factors.

The calculations of the Environmental Sustainability Dashboard are based on the most important international standards:

  • Global Reporting Initiative – GRI
  • Greenhouse Gas Initiative – GHG
  • Cumulative energy demand – CED

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The Interzero methodology is certified by GRI, GHG and CED organizations.

Our sustainability dashboard is fully compliant with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the European Single Reporting System (ESRS). We closely monitor the development of ESRS and are committed to making any necessary adjustments to ensure continued compliance.

You can view the official statement of GRI alignment to ESRS on the Global Reporting Initiative website: Link to GRI ESRS Alignment

The Environmental Sustainability Dashboard is the strategic tool that helps your organization make data-driven decisions about your sustainability performance.

The Interzero Dashboard presents important environmental indicators and data in a clear and understandable way: The level of detail to be displayed can be customized to the user’s needs.

Interzero supports you with experienced environmental impact assessment and reporting consulting:

  • Context and data analysis, setting up/updating input data.
  • Interpretation of the results
  • Performance improvement – setting goals, defining action plans, …
  • Ongoing support for dashboard management

By analyzing key environmental metrics, Interzero can identify inefficiencies, improve corporate sustainability efforts, set goals, track progress, and improve overall environmental strategy.

The Environmental Sustainability Dashboard plays a critical role in helping companies review their environmental performance and make informed decisions. It provides data visualization and enables stakeholders to identify trends, set goals, measure progress, and identify areas for improvement.

It strengthens transparency, accountability and sustainable practices.

Scope 3 impact calculations are performed according to established sustainability reporting standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), specifically GRI 305-3 and 305-5, as well as guidelines on greenhouse gases (GHG) and cumulative energy demand (CED). It is important to note that the collection of Scope 3 data is the responsibility of the customer and we provide tools and support to assist in this process.

It can include a wide range of data, including energy consumption data, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, waste generation and recycling rates, renewable energy production, and other relevant environmental indicators.

The specific data included can be customized to the organization’s goals, industry, and priorities.

All data is securely stored at AWS, the world leader in cloud computing, in its Frankfurt data center. Our data security measures include regular security audits and compliance with the GDPR and other relevant data protection regulations to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data.

No, the dashboard does not generate a sustainability report. Instead, it provides KPIs that can be incorporated into a sustainability report.
Interzero can create a sustainability report for your company. The data generated by the dashboard is compatible with the requirements of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and therefore suitable for inclusion in the report.

Of course, we can create a sustainability report tailored to your company’s needs. The data generated by the dashboard meets the requirements of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and is therefore suitable for integration into the report.
Please contact our sustainability experts

The Interzero Dashboard provides the data and insights required for sustainability reporting in the standard format of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI, 300 series). It enables organizations to collect, analyze and present environmental performance data in a standardized and transparent way. This data can be used to produce sustainability reports, respond to stakeholder inquiries, fulfill reporting obligations, and demonstrate the organization’s commitment to sustainability.

Interzero has extensive experience in measuring environmental impacts against international standards, starting with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology. We have conducted numerous LCA studies in various industries that provide valuable insights into sustainability practices and help companies reduce their environmental footprint.

Our expertise and commitment to sustainability make us a trusted partner for organizations looking to improve their environmental performance.

The Environmental Sustainability Dashboard offers organizations numerous benefits by providing a clear and concise visual representation of environmental performance and enabling informed decision making.

  • To reduce the impact on the environment.
  • Compliance with regulatory and ESG requirements, as these become more stringent, and environmental performance are increasingly in focus.
  • To stay competitive. More and more consumers/buyers are making environmentally friendly purchasing decisions.
  • By communicating with green, you also improve your image in the market. CALCULATION METHOD*
    based on international standards: GRI – GHG – CED.
    *Certification in progress

Our solution is customizable and addresses the needs of your business, whether at the corporate or individual level.

It is a customized solution based on individual needs and expectations.

After the initial detailed discussion, Interzero will assess your organization’s needs and provide the best solution for your requirements.


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Dušan Marković

    Resources saved 2023

    Resources saved by recycling NEW

    Conservation of resources and climate protection

    Interzero works with customers and partners to close the raw material circuits and achieve long-term climate change mitigation and resource conservation. The prestigious Fraunhofer UMSICHT publishes studies confirming the positive environmental effects of our work!

    Scientifically proven climate protection

    In its annual study “Resources SAVED by Recycling,” the Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT calculates the extent to which Interzero’s recycling services have helped the environment. Only in 2022. In 2004, this study showed that 2.1 million tons of resources were handled by closed-loop systems run by Interzero companies such as Interzero in Germany, Austria, Poland; Italy and Slovenia, saving about 8.7 million tons of primary raw materials. This is comparable to the weight of 174,267 single-family homes. The companies have also saved about 1 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions – this corresponds to an average annualCO2 emissions of over 100,000 four-person households.

    Reducing transport, reusing IT devices

    In another study in the “SAVED Resources” series, Fraunhofer UMSICHT considered the positive impact on resources and climate from the repair and reuse of IT and communication devices, organized by Interzero. As one example, using renovations to extend the life of just one laptop saves about 181 kg of primary raw materials and 154 kg of greenhouse gas emissions.

    Interzero’s mobile counting center (MCC) also helps save resources. The local availability of a mobile counting service for refillable bottles means companies avoid long trips to stationary counting centers. “RESOURCES SAVED” shows that MCC’s annualCO2 savings are equal to the amount they removed about three wooded football fields.

    Hiebel Markus

    “From recyclable product design to sustainable recovery, successful circular transformation requires all stakeholders in the value chain to come together.”

    Dr.-Ing. Markus Hiebel
    Head of Sustainability and Resource Management at fraunhofer institute UMSICHT


    Interzero is 2022. In 2007, it conserved 8.7 million tonnes of primary resources by recycling 2.1 million tonnes of raw materials.


    Interzero's recycling activities have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 1 million tonnes in the past year.


    Recycling electrical appliances saved more than 2.3 million tons of primary resources.


    The company processed more than 700 million tons of paper, cardboard and cardboard, avoiding about 180,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.


    In total, more than 500,000 tons of used glass were recycled, which reduced the use of primary raw material by one million tons.


    The company has recycled more than 570,000 tons of plastic, saving more than 2 million tons of primary raw materials.

    "SAVED SAVED" certificates for our clients and partners

    Sustainable competitive advantage: In cooperation with Interzero, you improve your ecological footprint and strengthen the connection with your customers. We show the amount of primary raw materials and greenhouse gases saved by us in your individual resource protection certificate, measured by your individual contribution – whether it’s recycling, REUSING IT equipment or reducing transport routes.

    Leaflet Study ‘Resources Saved by Recycling’



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      Working in the sales department includes not only establishing and maintaining relationships with clients, the process of negotiating and agreeing on the details of our services, but also a lot of knowledge about the zero waste world that we offer to partners from the first contact. The basis of our offer is a focus strictly on client expectations and solutions, often non-standard, tailored precisely to their needs.


      Our operational departments provide a wide range of environmental services for our customers, take care of their specific needs, automate and continuously improve the processes of our services, and actively participate in the design and implementation of environmental solutions tailored to individual customer expectations.

      Trade in raw materials

      We have a diverse set of competencies, including sales skills and waste management expertise. Our “Sales team” are experts in the field of waste recycling and are well connected to the centers where they process even the heaviest, unusual or hazardous waste.


      As environmental consultants, we provide our detailed professional, operational and legal knowledge by producing studies and/or opinions on specific environmental solutions, problematic situations or safely guiding our clients through a maze of applicable legal regulations and formal environmental procedures. We also support our clients in implementing effective educational actions in the field of environmental protection.

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