If you are interested in a solution that always guarantees compliance with the law and eliminates any risk, which entails sanctioning state authorities, please contact us. By filling out the form, you get one hour of free counsulting to optimize waste management.

What do we actually offer you?


Respect for the legal obligations


Compliance with national and international legislation on packaging and packaging waste management


Provision of recyclable materials

Throughout Europe, we provide all types of recyclable waste, primarily all types of plastics, as well as cardboard, metal, wood and glass, but also raw materials and regranulates obtained in the process of recycling.




Focus on your core business and let Interzero take care of your waste, which with our help from the problem that burdens you, will become a source of income.


Sustainable technical solutions

With the use of state-of-the-art technical equipment, your employees will optimize their workspace, simplify and speed up production processes, reduce waste, reduce costs and increase revenues.



One of the key missions of Interzero is to help you turn waste into production raw material through education and develop practical and sustainable solutions for companies.


International solutions

Based on more than 30 years of experience gained and collected in European countries, we offer advice and solutions in the field of waste management.

What will you gain?

Interzero makes its many years of experience and proven knowledge in packaging management available to companies, guaranteeing:

Availability of international solutions

Whether it's legislation, optimization of workspace and business or waste disposal, we will find the right solution for you.

Partner with international experience

Throughout Europe, it has long been an important factor and mediator in the field of providing all kinds of recyclable materials.

A wide and comprehensive range of services in one place

Leave the waste management to us.

Wide partner network

A supplier, collaborative and partner network for providing raw materials for recycling.

More than 20,000 satisfied customers across Europe

Source: Customer Satisfaction Survey 2020


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And you get 1 hour of free counseling to optimize your waste management


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