Are you cleaning a warehouse, renovating premises, have bulky waste?

Interzero offers fast and affordable bulky waste collection and disposal. We offer several sizes of containers and employees for sorting and loading bulky waste, according to your needs. Leave your bulky waste to us.

Bulky waste can take up a lot of space in your facility, and in some cases pose a risk to the safety of employees.

Interzero offers an effective solution that will free you from this problem. Our experts will help you in all stages of the process, from collection and transport to disposal of bulky waste. We will make sure that everything is in accordance with legal regulations and standards for environmental protection.

Contact us and allow us to provide you with a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly solution for this specific type of waste.


Depending on the location of the waste and the method of disposal, the removal must be ordered 3 to 5 days in advance.

Interzero can install waste disposal equipment according to the client’s needs.

Waste disposal equipment comes in several sizes (5m3, 7m3, 10m3 or 33m3).

Interzero issues all legally prescribed documentation.

You can dispose of: furniture, wood, plastic, waste from construction works in bulk waste.

The following must not be disposed of in bulky waste: hazardous waste (chipboard, paints, varnishes, medicines from the pharmacy, toners), tires, electrical waste, food, drinks.