Interzero Shows Online Sellers Effective Solutions on eBay Open

+++ At an online eBay dealer meeting 7. and on September 8 in Berlin, the circular service provider offers assistance in complying with the VerPackG and ElectroG +++ rules Optimal support for the licensing of packaging through the Lizenzero platform

+++ Portal on waste electrical and electronic equipment for 2023 One year in Berlin/Cologne.

The collaboration between online platform operators and circular service providers is still quite unusual today. However, eBay and Interzero entered into a comprehensive partnership in the spring. At eBay Open, the online meeting of professional dealers of the sales platform, this partnership can be experienced for the first time on September 7 and 8 in Berlin. Digital platform operators, especially eBay, have set themselves ambitious sustainability goals. At the same time, in July this year, a further regulatory step was taken to strengthen the recycling system: under the Packaging Law, online retailers must now also participate in the system for returning packaging, and digital market operators must now also take advantage of the new requirement to control this. “Interzero supports eBay and its dealers with an online packaging licensing store, Lizenzero, and is following the change. For us, the goal is to keep complexity low despite more regulation and higher costs and to improve processes through our digital solution and accompanying transparency,” says Claudia Wegener, Head of Lizenzero at Interzero. Decisive for the partnership are Interzero’s many years of experience and operational opportunities. The return of transport packaging and the dual Interseroh+ system are part of the solution portfolio, as are the optimization of packaging for recycling. “Even in this short time, the collaboration in this unusual constellation between online retailers and circular service providers has brought us great benefits. Thanks to Interzero, the transition went smoothly after the extension of the packaging licensing obligation to online retail in July. We look forward to meeting and talking together with our dealers at the eBay Open in Berlin,” says Marius Haufe, Senior Manager of Managed Marketplace Services at eBay Germany. Packaging is just the beginning when it comes to expanded producer responsibility (EPR) in online retailers: from 2023, retailers will also be required to inspect waste electrical and electronic equipment. Here, eBay and Interzero are already working on a solution for retailers through the so-called waste electrical and electronic equipment portal (WEEE), which provides a recycling service provider. The theme will also be presented to online retailers on eBay Open by the Interzero team led by company development leader Patrick Kantos-Bravo. As a contact point, the booth will be held, and Interzero will participate in the panel discussion “EU Regulations: Something is coming to us!” as well as two workshops.